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Henri Pohjala.

Two rounds to go

With two rounds to go in the Ellivuori International, Vasily Yemelin leads the tournament by one point. The Finnish FIDE master Henri Pohjala reached his first IM norm, after the unexpected collapse of Tomi Nybäck on the fifth round and the "GM draw" with Pekka Köykkä on the sixth round.




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2nd round, Toms Kantans (on the left) and Gudmundur Kjartansson.

Day 2

As many as five players share the first place after the second day in Ellivuori International. After very interesting and eventful second round, we saw a peaceful third round. Only Latvian grandmaster Arturs Neiksans managed to win his game against Pekka Köykkä.



The top-seeded players, Tomi Nybäck and Arturs Neiksans, faced each other in the first round.

1st Round

The tournament has started! The first round saw many fighting draws. Only FM Pekka Köykkä and IM Gudmundur Kjartansson managed to win their games.



Drawing of lots

Drawing of lots has been carried out. The draw was conducted by the Finnish parliament member Arto Satonen (left).


Tomi Nybäck

Pekka Köykkä

Vasily Yemelin

Gudmundur Kjartansson

Henri Pohjala

Rasmus Skytte

Mikael Agopov

Toms Kantans

Sampsa Nyysti

Arturs Neiksans



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