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Tournament Regulations

1. The tournament is 10 players round robin event. 9 rounds will be played.

2. FIDE’s Laws of Chess will apply. Results will be sent for FIDE rating calculations, and are eligible for FIDE title norm.

3. The drawing of lots will be conducted on Sunday 22nd June at 13:00.

4. The games shall be conducted according to the schedule, which will be made known to the respective players before the start of the tournament.

5. The time control is 90 minutes for 40 moves + 30 min for the rest of the game. In addition there is 30 seconds increment per move starting from the first move.

6. If any player is not present within 30 minutes after the game is started, he shall lose by default.

7. Players are not allowed to bring mobile phones or other communication devices to the tournament hall. Any violation shall result in loss of game.

8. Tiebreak: A) Sonneborn-Berger, B) The results of the players in the same point group, C) The greater number of victories.

9. Prizes: 1st 1200 euros, 2nd 1000 euros, 3rd 800 euros. Money prizes will be shared among the players with the same sum of points.

10. Both the players and the organizers will try to settle any disputes in a friendly and constructive way.

Chief Arbiter: FA Timo Munukka, gsm +358 50 400 2855
Deputy Arbiter: NA Marko Tauriainen
Tournament Director: NA Jyrki Kytöniemi